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  •     Customization

    We accept requests for modifications to the basic functionality of DialMate, for clients with special needs and volume orders. Modifications range from simple recalibration of the various timing and time delay protocols, to more involved changes that affect the basic operation of DialMate. These changes often allow DialMate to support non-standard or proprietary equipment. Minor changes often enable DialMate to function well in otherwise incompatible environments.

    TelecomSwitches is happy to discuss making changes to optimize DialMate in accordance with your performance needs, with these limitations:

    • Your performance objectives are clear
    • Your order is for a minimum of 5 units
    • You waive FCC approval.

    • Email us at techsupport@telecomswitches.com or call us at 800-735-8275 to discuss customization.