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  •     DialMate® Features

    DialMate has four main features:

    • Call forwarding
    • Callback
    • Call bridging
    • Call transfer
    Following is a brief description of each:

        Call Forwarding

    DialMate can automatically forward incoming calls to phone numbers anywhere in the world, whereas your local phone company will generally only let you forward calls within the country. DialMate also makes it easy for you to identify and change the forwarding number as you travel. And DialMate has a voice chip to automatically tell a hotel operator or automated (PBX) system what person or room to call. This means that you never have to miss a call. With DialMate your location is confidential. The calling party sees only the home or office number called (the number of the phone line where DialMate is attached.) And the party called sees only your home or office number as the calling number.



    DialMate's callback feature lets you use your home office phone to make calls from any location in the world to any other location in the world, at your normally low home or office calling plan rate. This feature can save you a lot of money. To get the most out of it, attach DialMate to your home or office phone. Be sure you have a plan with your long distance carrier that provides a good calling rate to the specific location where you will be traveling. If you are traveling within the country, a flat-rate long distance plan is probably an excellent choice. Or, if it is more beneficial to you, get a 10-10 dial around or calling card plan with the best rates. Any of these can be used in combination with DialMate. If you are using a cell phone as you travel, a plan with free incoming calls is good. When used in combination with DialMate's callback feature you are able to make cell phone calls at your home or office phone rate. You can achieve maximum savings on all of your calls by using DialMate in combination with plans like these.

    As you travel, use the number pad of any phone, to initiate calls from your home office phone using DialMate's callback feature. With DialMate there is no need to sign up with any callback service. You have the complete functionality you need in this switch.

    With DialMate's callback feature, the location where you are when you make calls is confidential. The person you call sees your home or office number as the originating phone number. The only record of the calls you make using the callback feature is on your home or office phone bill.


        Call Bridging

    Call bridging is a feature that lets you call into the DialMate phone line from any phone, and then use DialMate to connect you to any other phone number in the world. If you call the DialMate line from a cell phone that has unlimited free calling to one phone number that has flat rate unlimited long distance calling, and DialMate is on the line of that one phone number, you can use the call bridging feature to make unlimited airtime and long distance calls without cost while you are away from your home or office.


        Call Transfer

    Call Transfer is the process of receiving a call, transferring it to another number, and hanging up promptly so your phone line is free to send and receive other calls. Call Transfer accomplishes this without the need for human intervention in the transfer process. DialMate automates the process of call transfer. To access DialMate's automatic call transfer feature, your phone line must already have basic call transfer capability from either a PBX system, or a service such as Centrex which you can get from your local phone company.