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    Product Model Model Summary Price Cart
    DialMate CM 1001 Call forwarding, callback, call bridging, call transfer, and a voice chip that makes it easy for DialMate to automatically tell hotel operators and automated PBX systems how to get forwarded calls to you. $169.00
    DialMate CM 1002 Has the same functions as CM1001 + can be programmed to forward to 2 different telephone numbers. When the first forwarding number does not answer, it can automatically forward the call to the second forwarding number you have pre-selected. $189.00
    DialMate Auto Attendant CM 1002-A Has the same functions as CM 1001 + allows you to forward incoming calls to up to 3 different phone numbers. $189.00
    DialMate International CM 1002-I Has the same functions as CM 1002, but is designed to be attached to a home or office phone that is located outside the United States. $189.00
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