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    All models of DialMate ship within 48 hours. We ship to locations within the United States through the U.S. Postal Service. The cost to ship one DialMate to any U.S. location is $8.50. The cost to ship each additional unit is $3.00. California residents add 8.75% sales tax.

    DialMate is generally shipped to any location outside the U.S. using Federal Express (FedEx) or UPS, at cost plus a $2.00 handling fee. To help you estimate your shipping costs, note that DialMate weighs less than a pound. If you would like a quote to ship to a specific location outside the United States, please write us at customerservice@telecomswitches.com or call us at 925-735-8275. You may also call this number to order DialMate by phone.