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  • Call forwarding, callback, call bridging, call transfer...one tiny device...starting at $169

      TelecomSwitches Introduces DialMate®

    DialMate® - Is a unique, patented, call management system, a Computer Telephony Best of Show winner that works with your existing phone to give you:

    • Call forwarding
    • Callback
    • Call transfer, and
    • Call bridging capability.


      With DialMate you:

    • Never miss a call no matter where in the world you travel - using DialMate's worldwide call forwarding feature. DialMate lets you change the forwarding number remotely as you travel. Its voice chip lets you tell hotel operators and automated PBX systems which hotel room or extension number to ring.
    • Slash monthly charges on your home or office phone, cell phone, calls from hotels, from pay phone, and on voiceover IP calls - because calls made while you are away are charged at your low home or office (local and long distance) rates, using DialMate's callback feature.
    • Make calls from home or from the office, when you are away - While traveling, access your home or office phone to connect your call from one remote telephone anywhere in the world to another remote phone number anywhere in the world - using DialMate’s callback and call bridging features.
    • Use your home or office phone to connect ("bridge") a call from one remote location to another remote location anywhere in the world, and automatically release the home or office line, so it is free to make and receive other calls - using DialMate's call bridging feature.
    • Have more privacy
      • Incoming callers see only the phone number they called, not your forwarding location (call forwarding)
      • Those you call, when you are away from your home or office, see only your home or office phone number as the calling number
      • Calls you make while away show up only on your home or office phone bill, not on hotel bills, calling card company records, voiceover IP provider records, or on pay phone company records.
      • A security code that you select and change, limits the use of DialMate's features to you and those you authorize.
    • Have no recurring charges for call forwarding, callback, call transfer or call bridging functionality. With DialMate, you own the telecommunications switch, you own the call management system, so you pay no recurring fees to local or long distance phone companies, and have no need for a callback service provider.
    • Have a call management system compatible with your other appliances, such as an answering or fax machine you may also have on your home or office phone line - When you want to use DialMate just set it to answer on fewer rings than your other appliances.
    • Have a telecommunications switch that is easy to install and use - It clicks right into your existing analog phone line, and you can give it instructions through the number pad of your existing phone while in your home or office, or remotely from the number pad of any phone.
    • Bring nothing with you as you travel - DialMate (a small device 6-1/6" wide X 4-1/4" long X 1-1/2" high, and weighing less than a pound) remains on your desk, attached to your home or office phone line as you travel and give it instructions remotely from the keypad of any phone.


    DialMate CM 1001
    • Is our standard, intelligent, standalone call management system.
    • Does call forwarding, callback, call bridging, and call transfer functions.
    • Has a voice chip to communicate with hotel operators and PBX systems.
    • Has 18 second voice message capability.
    • Can be programmed remotely.
    • Lets you set a 4-digit security code.
    • Is compatible with most tone-capable analog phone/PABX/PBX lines.
    Price: $169.00    BUY NOW

    DialMate CM 1002
    • Is an enhanced version of the CM 1001 model.
    • Has improved PABX compatibility features
    • Has the capacity for 2 callback numbers, and 2 call forwarding numbers or 2 call transfer numbers.
    • Lets you have different callback, call forwarding, and call transfer numbers.
    • When using either the callback or call forward feature, automatically forwards to the second number, when the first number is not answered.
    Price: $189.00    BUY NOW